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*ConCave is a Ph.D. Student-led group in the School of Architecture of the College of Design at Georgia Tech. The group aims at supporting Ph.D. students and their research.

ConCave Ph.D. Symposium 2022



April 7-8, 2022
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library
Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA
Divergence in Architectural Research is an international doctorate symposium organized by the ConCave Ph.D. Student Group in the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. The Ph.D. Symposium seeks to create a platform for sharing current research in architecture, with invited scholars and other doctoral students from architecture and allied fields.

The symposium will act as a nexus for connections with established scholars and fellow researchers. Contributing researchers should be PhD students whose work emerges from the architectural domain. The Symposium will take place April 7-8, 2022, on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.


April 7, Thursday Main Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Enid Dwyer Professor
Director of the MED Program
Yale University

Keller Easterling is an architect, writer and professor at Yale. Her most recent book, Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space (Verso, 2014), examines global infrastructure as a medium of polity. A recently published e-book essay titled Medium Design (Strelka Press, 2018) previews a forthcoming book of the same title. Medium Design inverts an emphasis on object and figure to prompt innovative thought about both spatial and non-spatial problems.
Easterling is a 2019 United States Artist Fellow in Architecture and Design. Her MANY project, an online platform facilitating migration through an exchange of needs, was exhibited at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. Her research and writing on the floor comprised one of the elements in Rem Koolhaas’s Elements exhibition for the 2014 Venice Biennale.

April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Architecture Editor and Critic
Visiting Lecturer
Princeton University

Cynthia Davidson is an architecture editor and critic based in New York City. She is the founding editor of Log: Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City, a tri-annual journal begun in 2003, and editor of the Writing Architecture Series books published by MIT Press. Both publication programs are projects of the Anyone Corporation, a nonprofit, architecture think tank she has directed since 1991.
Davidson was the founding editor of the architecture tabloid magazine ANY (1993–2000) and of the “Any” book series, which documented ten international architecture conferences that she organized in the 1990s on the condition of architecture at the end of the 20th century. Ms. Davidson has also written for a number of periodicals, including Architectural Record in New York and Arquitectura Viva in Madrid.


April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Dr. Neil Leach
Florida Internationa University, Tongji University, and European Graduate School

Neil Leach is a Professor at FIU, Tongji University and EGS. He has also taught at other leading institutions, including the AA, IaaC, DIA, Columbia GSAPP, Cornell, Harvard GSD and SCI-Arc. He is also the co-founder of DigitalFUTURES, an academician in the Academy of Europe, and the recipient of two NASA fellowships for research into 3D print technologies for the Moon and Mars. He has published over 40 books on architectural theory and digital design including: Rethinking Architecture (Routledge, 1997), The Anaesthetics of Architecture (MIT, 1999), Designing for a Digital World (Wiley, 2002), Digital Tectonics (Wiley, 2004), Camouflage (MIT, 2006), Digital Cities (Wiley, 2009), Machinic Processes (CABP, 2010), Space Architecture (Wiley, 2014), Robotic Futures (TongjiUP, 2015), Swarm Intelligence (TongjiUP, 2017), Computational Design (TongjiUP, 2017), Digital Fabrication (TongjiUP, 2017), 3D Printed Body Architecture (Wiley, 2017), Architecture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (Bloomsbury, 2021) and Machine Hallucinations: Architecture and AI (Wiley, 2022).


April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


By Dr. Karen Kelsky, The Professor Is In

April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


By Dr. Leslie Sharp, Dean of Libraries, Georgia Tech

April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


By Dr. Heather Ligler, Penn State University

April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


By Dr. Tarek Rakha, Georgia Tech


April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Tarek Rakha, Georgia Tech
Discussant: Tarek Sherif, Georgia Tech
Supervised Machine Learning for Dynamic Building Performance: A Case Study of Electrochromic Building Envelopes
Qingqing Sun, Clemson University

Estimating Indoor Ozone Concentration in Single- Family Houses Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Nancy Ma, University of Pennsylvania

Pakistani Residential Sector: Evolution Of Spatial Layout And Electricity Consumption
Maryam Aman, Pennsylvania State University
April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: George Johnston, Georgia Tech
On the ‘Integral Canons’ of Frank Lloyd Wright in Ornamentation amid the Modernist Expedient Tianming Zhao, Virginia Tech

Dissemination through Architecture Periodicals: Journeys of Architects from Turkey
Ceren Hamiloglu, Istanbul Technical University

Laboratories of Environmental Knowledge
Seok Min Yeo, Harvard University
April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Lars Spuybroek, Georgia Tech
Vitruvian Loom: Poly-Rhythmia
Hayri Dortdivanlioglu, Georgia Tech

Sympoietic Pleksis: Theoretical and Practical Approaches from Textiles to Architecture
Nikoletta Karastathi, The Bartlett UCL

Konrad Wachsmann’s Research Methodology Applied: Designing A Contemporary Clip System
Elizabeth Andrzejewski, Pennsylvania State
April 7, ThursdayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Vernelle AA. Noel, Georgia Tech Discussant: Mehmet Bermek, Georgia Tech
Matter, Materialization, and Biomaterial Futures
Daniel Tish, Harvard University

From Physically Knitted Models to Calibrated Digital Simulations: A Workflow Based on the Behavior and Geometry of the Knitted Tensioned

Farzaneh Oghazian, Penn State University

The Craft of Sewing Machine-Facilitated Novel Earthbag Geometries
Tiffanie Leung, Pennsylvania State University

Knitted Tensile Membrane Tensegrity Helix-Tower
Virginia Melnyk, Tongji University
April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Yanni Loukissas, Georgia Tech
Surveying Beyond Geometry:
Digital Cartography and Enclosure of Data
Aylin Tarlan, Architectural Association School

The Control, Communication and Fuzzy Logic of Architectural Production
Paul King, The Bartlett, UCL

Parametric Algorithms To Extract Root Traits For Biology And Biomimicry
Thibaut Houette, The University of Akron

From Physiocracy to a New Productive Rural
China Boya Zhang, Harvard University
April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Herminia Machry, Georgia Tech Discussant: Raha Motamed Rastegar, Georgia Tech
Using Spatial Analysis on an Environment Designed to Empower People Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Fatemeh Motamed Rastegar and Yeinn Oh, Georgia Tech

Sentient Spaces: Interpreting Biofeedback into Environmental Systems to Mitigate Severity of Physiological Symptoms in Anxiety Disorders
Katarina Richter-Lunn, Harvard University

Lighting Design Solution to Foster Joy among Nurses Who Suffer Burnout
Amani Khan, Texas Tech Univerity

Towards a Bioremediation Building Envelope System for Improved Air Quality
Andreas Theodoridis, Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE)- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
April 8, FridayMain Theater
S. Price Gilbert Memorial Library


Moderator: Elisa Dainese, Georgia Tech
“Subordination” in Modern Thai Architecture, 1960s-1980s: Case Studies of Crypto-Colonialism
Supasai Vongkulbhisal, University of Washington 

Landscape and Buildings Crafting National Heritage
Barbara Aguiar, The University of Texas at Austin

African Architecture and Identity: The 19th century Asante Palace of Kumase, Ghana
Amie Edwards, University of Florida


Academic Advisor: Tarek Rakha
Academic Co-advisor: Elisa Dainese

Academic Coordinator: Hayri Dortdivanlioglu

Finances: Eleanna Panagoulia, Hayri Dortdivanlioglu
Communications: Yeinn Oh, Jun Wang
Logistics: Yousef Bushehri

Organization Board: Marisabel Marratt, Mehmet Bermek, Raha Motamed Rastegar, Zachary Lancaster, Tarek Sherif, Yasser El Masri

Advisory Board:
Ellen Bassett, John Portman Chair, Dean, College of Design
Nancey Green Leigh, Associate Dean for Research, College of Design
Scott Marble, William H. Harrison Chair, School of Architecture
Sonit Bafna, Ph.D. Program Director at the School of Architecture


Andrés Cavieres, University of Oklahoma
Athanassios Economou, Georgia Institute of Technology
Baabak Ashuri, Georgia Institute of Technology
Belgin Turan Ozkaya, Middle East Technical University
Benay Gursoy, Pennsylvania State University
Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bruce Stiftel, Georgia Institute of Technology
Charlie Xue City, University of Hong Kong
Christina Crawford, Emory University
Craig Zimring, Georgia Institute of Technology
Danielle Willkens, Georgia Institute of Technology
David Ejeh, Georgia Institute of Technology
Elisa Dainese, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ellen Dunham-Jones, Georgia Institute of Technology
Esra Akcan, Cornell University
Eunhwa Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Felecia Davis, Pennsylvania State University
George Johnston, Georgia Institute of Technology
Harris Dimitropoulos, Georgia Institute of Technology
Heather Ligler, Pennsylvania State University
Herminia Machry, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jennifer DuBose, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jensen Zhang, Syracuse University
John Peponis, Georgia Institute of Technology
John Taylor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jonathan Dessi-Olive, Kansas State University
Joseph Choma, Clemson University
Lars Spuybroek, Georgia Institute of Technology
Lawrence Chua, Syracuse University
Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University
Myrsini Mamoli, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nassim Parvin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nicholas Nisbet, AEC3, UCL
Nina Sharifi, Syracuse University
Peggy Deamer, Yale University
Perry Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Philip Yuan, University of Virginia, Tongji University
Rajan Rawal, CEPT University
Russell Gentry, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sabri Gokmen, Kadir Has University
Seray Türkay Coskun, TED University
Sonit Bafna, Georgia Institute of Technology
Subhro Guhathakurta, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tarek Rakha, Georgia Institute of Technology
Thomas Bock, TUM
Thomas Krijnen, Eindhoven University of Technology
Vernelle A. A. Noel, Georgia Institute of Technology
Yanni Loukissas, Georgia Institute of Technology
Zachary Porter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Zeynep Kezer, Newcastle University
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